The role of science, research and technology in lifting Australian productivity

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Through the identification of opportunities for applying knowledge and skills in science and research across a range of industries and sectors including private and public enterprises, this project will examine ways to enhance innovation, creativity and productivity in the Australian workforce and business practices that will drive Australia’s prosperity.

Productivity is critical for Australia’s prosperity, economic growth, and social wellbeing. Lifting productivity growth is a critical priority for Australia. Innovation is a key driver of productivity growth. This report examines how investment in and application of science, research and technology can enhance creativity and innovation to lift productivity in Australia.

This report has three major conclusions:

  • Building Australia’s future industries will depend on adopting technological innovation to develop high-value products and services for a global market.
  • Improving collaboration in Australia, between businesses and between business and publicly funded reseach, will significantly enhance innovation. International collaboration is also critically important. Both domestic and international collaboration improves the productivity and competitiveness of Australian technology-based firms.
  • An innovative workforce that combines technical and non-technical disciplines, and enables good business management, is essential to underpin the competitive advantage of Australian industries and realise opportunities to lift productivity.
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