Joint professorship in Marine Ecotoxicology

The University of Oldenburg and the ZMT jointly seek to the position of a Professor of Marine Ecotoxicology. The appointment, which is available as of now, is initially for five years.

Tropical coastal ecosystems are highly productive habitats with increasing ecological and economic importance. Driven by rapid societal change the anthropogenic pressure on these ecosystems and their resources steadily increases. Detrimental impacts include a rising influx of nutrients, pesticides and other substances that have the potential to affect ecosystem services and to endanger food security. The identification of contaminants, their cycling in the ecosystem, and the effects on organisms and societies thus are of increasing importance, in particular in developing countries. They therefore intend to install a professorship in marine ecotoxicology focusing on contaminants and their effects on different organizational levels: organism, population, ecosystem. The position entails a teaching workload at the University of Oldenburg as well as within the capacity building activities of ZMT.

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