Consultant for the Enhancement of the cultural industries in Samoa

The national consultant will work with national and regional partners, industry and sub-sector representatives and in-country stakeholders to assist in the development and design and delivery of four in-country workshops. The in-country programme workshops will aim to build a national consensus to improve industry standards and conformance measures and offer practical innovative solutions which could include industry standards’ guidelines amongst other things. The consultant will also be required to work with the councils, associations and in-country networks of designers, cultural producers, artisans, enablers, entrepreneurs etc. to assist in the design training toolkits, template contracts and work with government and industry players to develop and further strengthen regulatory frameworks for the industry; explore fiscal and preferential measures for access to finance and financial literacy programmes and other support measures; carry out human resources needs assessment; and help prepare documentation of the process which will result in a final combined publication and tool kit. In the process, the consultant will propose ways to strengthen the industry’s engagement with government and key stakeholders; examine the position of the lead industry body and identify gaps within which the lead body could position itself more effectively and examine funding arrangements to ensure sustainability.

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