Tender: Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development Support Unit

Pacific Women is a 10 year program focused on enabling women and men across 14 Pacific nations to work for improved gender equality and women’s empowerment. It reflects the Government of Australia’s commitment to work for improved equality and empowerment of women, and support for Pacific Forum countries to meet the commitments made in the Pacific Leaders’ Gender Equality Declaration. Gender equality is important for national economic and social development across the Pacific.

The Pacific Women Support Unit is a design response to an identified need for additional technical and administrative resources to support DFAT to manage the increased level of programming and policy engagement required for this program. The Support Unit will support planning, delivery and monitoring of initiative activities at the country level and be responsible for management of regional ‘public goods’ such as research, sharing good practice and performance reporting. It will support DFAT to ensure coherence of the initiative. It will provide a management structure for the technical expertise needed to progress the agenda of the Pacific Women Initiative.

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