NZ National Science Challenges Request for Proposals Tranche 2

MBIE’s Science, Skills and Innovation group invites proposals for the following Challenges:

  • Ageing Well
  • A Better Start
  • Healthier Lives
  • New Zealand’s Biological Heritage
  • Our Land and Water
  • Sustainable Seas
  • Science for Technological Innovation

The NSCs are a new strategic approach to mission-led science investment. The Challenges respond to the most important, national-scale issues and opportunities identified by science stakeholders and the New Zealand public, promote collaboration across a number of research providers, and involve a broad portfolio of multi-disciplinary research activity. They target objectives that, if achieved, will have a major and enduring benefit for New Zealand.

Overseas organisations may take part in a Challenge collaboration. A Challenge collaboration may include the use of international research capability and infrastructure facilities if not available in New Zealand. However, MBIE expects that the majority of research will be carried out in New Zealand unless there are compelling reasons otherwise.

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