NZ Study Group Tour on Resilient Cities

The FRIENZ project provides funding to assist selected European Union delegates to participate in a Study Group tour through New Zealand for 5 days beginning 1 December 2014. The task of the delegation is to promote opportunities for collaboration in research and innovation between New Zealand and Europe, to strengthen existing and to stimulate new collaboration with New Zealand research organisations and innovation partners.

Resilient Cities is a priority for collaboration under the EU-NZ Science and Technology Cooperation Roadmap 2014-2016. The overall interdisciplinary theme of this study tour is urban regeneration – retrofit and rebuild of neighbourhoods and cities to increase social, cultural and economic wellbeing, liveability, resilience and sustainability. This may include such research aspects as mobility, cities as a complex system, open and green space, infrastructure, smart cities, or climate change mitigation and adaptation. Participants are expected to establish on-going relationships and collaboration with their New Zealand counterparts in the theme area. Please pass this information on to colleagues in Europe who may be interested in applying.

The application process is administered by the FRIENZ Project and all applications must be submitted by 31 August 2014 (NZST).

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