Director, Pacific Research Center for the Prevention of Obesity and Non-Communicable Diseases

C-POND is a collaborative Research Centre, established in 2009 by the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences of FNU and Deakin University. The Centre aims to support and facilitate research related to obesity and non-communicable diseases in the Pacific Region. It works collaboratively with multiple partners and institutions both within the region and globally. It is funded primarily through Core University funding, research grants and project funding. It has a role in advising, supporting and leading research and research dissemination in the region, and has a strong emphasis on capacity building. The Centre currently has around 11 full-time staff, and is housed at the Tamavua campus of FNU.

The FNU is seeking a new Director/Co-ordinator for the Centre. The successful applicant will be expected to lead the Centre and its staff, in line with the Centre’s Strategic Plan.

Closing Date: 21st November 2014.

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