Call for FRIENZ study tour on resilient cities

The FRIENZ project will provide funding to assist selected European delegates to participate in a Study Group tour through New Zealand for 5 days from 7-11 September 2015. The task of the delegation is to promote opportunities for collaboration in research and innovation with New Zealand; strengthen existing relationships; and stimulate new collaboration with New Zealand research organisations and innovation partners.

Resilient Cities is a priority for collaboration under the EU-NZ Science and Technology Cooperation Roadmap 2014-2016. The focus of this Resilient Cities tour is “Resilient City Infrastructure”. It will specifically focus on innovation in design and new solutions to meet changing needs, to manage hazards and to create a sustainable built environment. Topics covered by the tour can include services such as transport, energy supply, water supply, storm water, waste disposal and management and telecommunications.

Participants are expected to strengthen on-going relationships and collaboration with their New Zealand counterparts in the theme area.

Applications due 9am on Monday 27th July 2015 (New Zealand Time).

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