Agropolis Foundation open call for proposals

The call for proposals is aimed at promoting news of doing research by favoring a collaborative inquiry on scientific topics involving a range of actors.

Proposals submitted under this Call are expected to employ transformative approaches and fosters innovative partnership modalities.

Up to €2M is available for this Call which will fund full projects, twin post-docs in collaboration with the CGIAR, small initiatives (e.g., small exploratory, proof-of-concept studies,…) and proposal development for submission to international Calls.

This Call will fund research projects focusing on any of the following thematic research domains covered by Agropolis Fondation and its Labex Agro scientific community, namely:

  • Genetics and genomics, plant breeding, eco-physiology;
  • Plant pests and diseases, integrated crop protection, plant population ecology;
  • Agro-ecosystems, agri-environmental innovations and natural resources management (including ecosystem services);
  • Agri-food innovations, food and non-food uses of crops;
  • Innovation processes and social management of innovations (broadly, “agriculture and society”, including governance, local knowledge and practices, and mobilising social sciences).

The deadline for the submission of Proposals is on 15 September 2014.

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